Patrick Sandrin

Patrick Sandrin

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Photographer, director and producer for 15 years, with “Arion” (a production company founded in 1982/83) and “Les Films du Cyclone” (established in 1987), he has produced and co-produced over 30 films that were shot on four continents with a rather singular leading line and often militant themes. He made possible that such authors as Werner Herzog, Alain Tanner, Nikita Mikhalkov, Paulo Rocha, Alain Fleischer, Valeria Sarmiento, Mahmoud Hussein, Fina Torres, and Emilio Pacull.

  • made more than 25 fiction and documentary movies. These movies were selected at the main festivals in Canes, Venice and Berlin.
  • He produced Fina Torrés’s “Oriane” which won a Golden Camera Award in Cannes.
  • He developed the project, prepared the shootings on Mongolian location and negotiated the authorisations to shoot in China Nikita Mikhalkov’s film “Urga”, which won the “Golden Lion” Prize in Venice.
    Finally his company “Arion production” remained the co-producer of the film, Mr. Seydoux from “Caméra One” becoming the main producer of the movie.
  • More than 20 years of partnership with Bulgarian cinema technicians and institutions.
    A foremost human history, which began at the the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall.?Having been member of many committees for the NCCs such as anticipation of the revenues and assistance for the broadcasting, Patrick Sandrin was also a member of the ECO Fund, which had as its mission to grant selective helps to encourage the co-productions with the Eastern European countries.
  • He made possible the first two French-Bulgarian co-productions: Peter Popzlatev’s film “Something in the Air” and the film "She" by Valéria Sarmiento, whom he convinced to locate the shootings in Sofia.
  • Subsequently, he co-produced several other films of the young Bulgarian cinema together with some local production.
    The creation of Sofilm coincided with a particularly difficult period of transition for this country and especially for the Bulgarian cinema industry and everybody involved.

A regular cultural cooperation:

  • Organization of two panoramas of Bulgarian cinema in Paris, in cooperation with the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and Mme Irina Bokova, former Bulgarian Ambassador in Paris and actual General Director of UNESCO.
  • In 1998
  • and in 2007 (to honour the entry of Bulgaria in the European Union).
  • Creation of foundation “Culture and Development”, whose activities include:
    Organising and monitoring “Classe libre” – thematic seminars on themes related to cinema (both aesthetic and critical).
    2 days of screening of film selections and debates for which special guests and speakers come from all over the world
  • Aid for projects development- Organization of cultural events and international exhibitions.
  • The organization of events and international exhibitions

In 2005 he was named Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters for his producer's activities both in France and in Bulgaria.