• 1

    Le monastère de Tcherepise

    Le monastère de Tcherepise
  • 2

    Le monastère de Kremikovtsi

    Le monastère de Kremikovtsi
  • 3

    Le monastère de Troyan

    Le monastère de Troyan
  • 4

    Le monastère de la

    >Le monastère de la Transfiguration
  • 5

    Le monastère
    de Saint Nicolas
    et de la Dormition

    Le monastère de Saint Nicolas et de la Dormition
  • 6

    Le monastère
    d’ Aladja

    Le monastère d’ Aladja
  • 7

    Le monastère de Drynovo

    Le monastère de Drynovo
  • 8

    Le monastère
    de Batchkovo

    Le monastère de Batchkovo
  • 9

    Le monastère
    de Rila

    Le monastère de Rila
  • 10

    Le monastère de Zemen

    Le monastère de Zemen


The monasteries undoubtedly hold the key to access the metaphysics of this mysterious country, or in all cases to access its specific culture and psychology.

Shortly after the birth of the Bulgarian nation in 671 it was converted to Christianity in the 9th century, this act was of crucial importance, because in the Christian faith Bulgaria found her one spiritual and cultural unity.

The Bulgarians finally emerged from their isolation and could compete with the countries of Christian Europe.

Entrusted to the hands of philosophers, scholars and philologists, these monasteries became centers of cultural and religious studies.

Difficult to access, nestled in the heart of the magnificent natural heritage of Bulgaria, these monasteries of very unique architecture are harmoniously integrated into the sites that host them.

There are about two hundred, spread over the whole territory. Some are still operating.

Cradles of literary activity, outbreaks of letters and knowledge, shrines of art, it is no exaggeration to say that their story tells the country's political history.

During the five centuries of Ottoman occupation, they were the guardians of the culture and traditions of the Bulgarian people, they kept alive and spread widely the litterature tradition in Cyrillic that contained not only religious texts, but many philosophical studies.

The first monasteries emerged from the ninth century after the conversion of the Bulgarian kingdom to Christianity.