YEAR : 1998

A FILM BY : Régis Wargnier

PRODUCTION : Régis Wargnier Production : UGC YM, Mate Productions, NTV PROFIT, France 3 Images, Sofilm – Patrick Sandrin

STARRING : Catherine Deneuve, Sandrine Bonnaire, Oleg Menchikov

Official selection Locarno 99, Golden Globe - Best Foreign Movie, Nomination for Oscar 2000 for Best Foreign Movie

The story of the East West takes place in Russia after World War II.
Bulgaria was chosen not only for the production costs and the security of the shooting, but because of the feasibility of the natural locations and their great resemblance with those of the actual story. The production was able to shoot in some important administrative buildings both indoors and outdoors, in the streets of downtown Sofia, on the esplanade of the Presidency, in the National Opera and in the National Theatre and the Parliament, but also in the countryside, on the docks and on an ancient ship, at the harbour of Varna, on the wild coast of the Black Sea and its cliffs, and at the Plovdiv railway station...